Adult Tricycle

Most people associate tricycles with young kids or children, but bicycle manufacturers produce tricycles for adults too? These vehicles are commonly known as adult three-wheel bicycles.

Cycling is one of a popular outdoor exercise of all time, but not everyone knows how to ride a bicycle. There are also people who cope with disabilities or lack of stamina to sit upright on the two-wheel machine for a long period of time. Due to these reasons, grown-up tricycles are one great alternative as a mode of transport for a recreational and competitive purpose. They are also popular in environmentally-conscious industrial/warehouse applications.

There are two major types of Adult tricycle:



A delta adult tricycle has 2 wheels in the rear, which is what we normally see on streets. delta tricycles are more for pleasure riding.

Adult Tricycle Icon



Tadpole adult tricycle has 2 wheels on the front. Tadpole tricycles mostly use for long-distance riding.

Adult Tricycle Tadpole

There are also electric or motorized tricycles which probably give you a very minimal workout, but great convenience in operating. With the wide variety of adult tricycles, prices are ranging from a few hundred dollars to several thousands of dollars, depends on brand and quality.

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