Tandem Bicycles

Tandem Bicycles are designed to carry two (sometimes more than 2) riders and usually for long distance cycle touring. These Bicycles offer a fun way for families and couples to get around, especially when one rider is weaker than the other. The front rider controls the steering, braking, and shifting. The back rider mainly has access to pedals and in some models may have limited access to brakes. The pedals on a tandem are connected so that they revolve around the hub in unison.tandem-min

Tandems come in four subcategories: mountain, road, hybrid, and recumbent. These Bicycles features the same characteristics as their namesake, but they’re built for two riders. Brakes are heavy duty to provide adequate stopping power when going downhill. Front forks & the rear frame are fitted with rack mounts to facilitate luggage carrying duties. Bicycles are often custom made or offered in a choice of front end & back end sizes to facilitate all rider heights.


  • Great for leisurely or competitive rides
  • Good option for riding together
  • requires coordination between riders

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