Saddles / Seat Covers

Bicycle riding can be quite strenuous especially in rough terrain. Riding a bicycle for an extended amount of time can cause some discomfort and chafing. To keep your backside from getting extra sore use, a saddles cover for extra padding. Although many new cyclists may think that saddles covers are unnecessary accessories, they offer extra padding to the saddle. They provide the necessary protection that … Continue reading Saddles / Seat Covers

Fixed Gear / Single Speed / Fixie Bicycles

These are bicycles without freewheel mechanism, with only one gear. Fixies are designed to be ridden on a velodrome, which is a banked oval track specifically for bicycle racing. A true fixie has no freewheel, therefore the cyclist has to pedal while moving. That requires a good degree of control while using it. Fixies are lightning-fast in the hands of an accomplished rider. One gear … Continue reading Fixed Gear / Single Speed / Fixie Bicycles

Bicycle Types

Since the invention of Bicycles, there has been a constant evolution of there types and uses. Many Bicycles types with generic to specialized use are invented and modified to fulfill the need. Based on specialty and use there are many types of bicycles in the market. Some of the main types are as follows: Road/ Racing Bicycles Touring / Audax/ Cyclocross (CX) Bicycles Mountain Bicycles … Continue reading Bicycle Types