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Seat Posts

The seatpost is a simple tube that connects the saddle to the bicycle. Your seatpost can seem like a not so important part of your bicycle but it can have an important role to play in how comfortable your bicycle is to ride, and can also be a potential area for a weight-saving upgrade. A […]

Bicycle Types

Since the invention of Bicycles, there has been a constant evolution of there types and uses. Many Bicycles types with generic to specialized use are invented and modified to fulfill the need. Based on specialty and use there are many types of bicycles in the market. Some of the main types are as follows: Road/ […]

SQL Server Functions

Introduction Functions are kind of reusable components/objects in SQL-Server. It is a set of SQL statements that accepts only input parameters, perform actions and return the result. Function can return only single value or a table value. We can’t use function to Insert, Update, Delete records in the database tables. SQL Server’s functions are a […]

Singleton and Static Classes

In this blog we will discuss the Singleton & Static Classes, their pro and cons. On a higher level they both have approximately same functionality ans usages. As you know both Singleton and Static classes provide a central point of access i.e. there’s only one instance and one way to access it. I have another post […]