Bicycle Carriers / Racks

There are two options for carrying your kit on a bicycle, racks, and panniers. From the grocery store to the library, from overnight touring to short distance commuting, bicycle racks can become an incredibly valuable and highly useful accessory for any cyclist. Racks dramatically increase the range of what your bicycle can accomplish. Suddenly, your bicycle becomes capable of not only providing you joyful morning … Continue reading Bicycle Carriers / Racks

Bicycle Frame Bags

The idea of strapping bags to a bicycle is hardly a new invention. However, the technology and innovation behind these bags have been a topic to discuss in recent years. Frame bag fits in the front triangle of your bicycle frame. Frame bags connect to the seat, down and top tubes with Velcro that is attached to the frame bag itself. They give the appearance … Continue reading Bicycle Frame Bags

Bicycle Saddle Bags

Saddlebags typically connect to your saddle rails and seat post. A saddlebag should be compact, big enough to carry the essentials but not as big as rear racks and panniers. A saddlebag should be discreet, complementing your bicycle as much as can be, and not dangle precariously off the saddle. They should sit tight to the seat post and saddle rails. They typically include two … Continue reading Bicycle Saddle Bags

Dutch / Classic Bicycles

These fashionable, traditional bicycles are all the rage of the European continent. Their design has hardly changed for many decades. Current Dutch bicycles were modeled on early 20th Century English designs but have been considerably improved to provide a very enjoyable riding experience of today. An incredibly laid-back position assures that almost anybody can ride these bicycles. A Very upright riding style which looks very … Continue reading Dutch / Classic Bicycles