BMX (Bicycle Motocross)

BMX Stands for “Bicycle Motocross“, are popular with kids as well youngs because of their small size. They are used by adults and kids alike for various trick and stunt riding. BMX is a fun urban trickable bicycle that is strong, simple & versatile. BMX is a fast-paced, racing bicycles flying around a finely sculpted track with jumps at breakneck speed.


These are built around a small frame & wheels. The foot pegs allow the rider to take up many riding & trick positions. The front brakes are designed in such way that it allows the handlebars to spin during tricks and wheelies.


These single-gear bicycles feature cable-operated caliper brakes on the front and rear. While they are great for street riding, dirt racing, and jumping ramps, the low seat position is generally uncomfortable for commuting long distance


  • November 3, 2021