Bicycle Carriers / Racks

There are two options for carrying your kit on a bicycle, racks, and panniers. From the grocery store to the library, from overnight touring to short distance commuting, bicycle racks can become an incredibly valuable and highly useful accessory for any cyclist. Racks dramatically increase the range of what your bicycle can accomplish. Suddenly, your bicycle becomes capable of not only providing you joyful morning … Continue reading Bicycle Carriers / Racks

Bicycle Speedometers / Computers

If you are using cycling as a training activity with various goals to be attained, then a bicycle speedometer is the best piece of equipment to use for data collection which you can analyze later. This is essential in helping you decide if you are making any progress. They are the best way to keep track of your bicycle speed, distance covered, pedaling speed and … Continue reading Bicycle Speedometers / Computers

Portable / Mini/ Frame-fit Pumps

Every cyclist’s home workshop should include a track pump – but there’s no way you’re going to be carrying one of these huge and heavy metal pumps whenever you’re out on a bicycle ride. There is nothing worse than getting a flat tire when you’re out on the road. In addition to having a puncture repair kit in your saddle bag, a bicycle pump should … Continue reading Portable / Mini/ Frame-fit Pumps

Water bottles/ Sippers

If you are planning on going out for a long ride on your bicycle, you will definitely appreciate the need for a bicycle water bottle. Cycling entails expending a lot of energy, and keeping hydrated will help you keep your performance up at an optimum level. Customize People sweat at different rates, and rides vary in terrain, speed, and distance, but hydration goals are the … Continue reading Water bottles/ Sippers

Bicycle Frame Bags

The idea of strapping bags to a bicycle is hardly a new invention. However, the technology and innovation behind these bags have been a topic to discuss in recent years. Frame bag fits in the front triangle of your bicycle frame. Frame bags connect to the seat, down and top tubes with Velcro that is attached to the frame bag itself. They give the appearance … Continue reading Bicycle Frame Bags

Bicycle Saddle Bags

Saddlebags typically connect to your saddle rails and seat post. A saddlebag should be compact, big enough to carry the essentials but not as big as rear racks and panniers. A saddlebag should be discreet, complementing your bicycle as much as can be, and not dangle precariously off the saddle. They should sit tight to the seat post and saddle rails. They typically include two … Continue reading Bicycle Saddle Bags

Bicycle Handlebar Bags

Everyone needs to carry things on their bicycles. A bicycle handlebar bag is simply a bag attached to the handlebars meant to carry your belongings. They come in a variety of sizes depending on the nature and size of the items to be carried around. It’s ideal for storing your snacks, mobile, wallet, camera, small bicycle repair kits and other valuables. Modern handlebar bags have … Continue reading Bicycle Handlebar Bags

Bicycle Mud Guards / Fenders

If you are a “fair weather” cyclist, you don’t need mudguards, but if you are a serious cyclist, and don’t live in a desert climate, mudguards are a must-have. If you’ve never used mudguards, you’ll be surprised at how much water they keep off. There’s nothing worse than cycling through town and country when it’s wet. Even when it’s not raining the spray from the … Continue reading Bicycle Mud Guards / Fenders

Bicycle Bells

The sound of a bicycle bell takes most people back to childhood when their bicycles were emblazoned with a small bell that provided a tinkling sound. Many bicycle bells still provide a dinging warning bell for cyclists to alert nearby pedestrians. Bells are a key component of cyclist safety. Safety on the road, whether in a vehicle or on a bicycle is of the highest … Continue reading Bicycle Bells