Singleton and Static Classes

In this blog we will discuss the Singleton & Static Classes, their pro and cons. On a higher level they both have approximately same functionality ans usages. As you know both Singleton and Static classes provide a central point of access i.e. there’s only one instance and one way to access it. I have another post which give a lot of insight into Singleton design pattern/ … Continue reading Singleton and Static Classes

Model View Presenter Pattern

Introduction MVP is a variation of MVC, Loosely couple modules. It separates the concerns of an application’s data, presentation, and user input into specialized components. The view and the model don’t know of each other. There are normally four main classes used in the MVP pattern (3 classes and 1 interface) View (WinForm/ WebForm/XAML-file). Interface (describes the fields in view). Presenter (executes the views actions … Continue reading Model View Presenter Pattern