Bicycle Mud Guards / Fenders

If you are a “fair weather” cyclist, you don’t need mudguards, but if you are a serious cyclist, and don’t live in a desert climate, mudguards are a must-have. If you’ve never used mudguards, you’ll be surprised at how much water they keep off. There’s nothing worse than cycling through town and country when it’s wet. Even when it’s not raining the spray from the … Continue reading Bicycle Mud Guards / Fenders

Bicycle Bells

The sound of a bicycle bell takes most people back to childhood when their bicycles were emblazoned with a small bell that provided a tinkling sound. Many bicycle bells still provide a dinging warning bell for cyclists to alert nearby pedestrians. Bells are a key component of cyclist safety. Safety on the road, whether in a vehicle or on a bicycle is of the highest … Continue reading Bicycle Bells

Saddles / Seat Covers

Bicycle riding can be quite strenuous especially in rough terrain. Riding a bicycle for an extended amount of time can cause some discomfort and chafing. To keep your backside from getting extra sore use, a saddles cover for extra padding. Although many new cyclists may think that saddles covers are unnecessary accessories, they offer extra padding to the saddle. They provide the necessary protection that … Continue reading Saddles / Seat Covers

Frame Guards

Very frankly everyone loves their bicycle and would like to keep it clean and dent free as possible. The dents and dings can happen on mountain bicycles as well as city bicycles due to various reasons. Crashes, dents, and scratches are a given in mountain riding. Bicycles frames go through a lot of wear and tear not only while riding but also while parked. Whether … Continue reading Frame Guards

Bicycle Rear Lights

The bicycle and riders should be clearly visible at nights and in bad weather. This is very important if you are biking on the road. The driver of any vehicle coming from behind should be able to spot the bicycle in bad light situations. Usually, red, rear lights are fitted on the rear of the bicycle for the purpose of warning and notifying the traffic … Continue reading Bicycle Rear Lights

Bicycle Front Lights

If you are out cycling early or riding home late, it’s time to start using bicycle lights. Lights are obviously there to help you see. They are very helpful in spotting a pedestrian or cyclist with no lights and reflectors. A rider should be clearly visible to oncoming vehicle drivers; otherwise, they can bump you. They can be for warning or to provide proper visibility … Continue reading Bicycle Front Lights

Dutch / Classic Bicycles

These fashionable, traditional bicycles are all the rage of the European continent. Their design has hardly changed for many decades. Current Dutch bicycles were modeled on early 20th Century English designs but have been considerably improved to provide a very enjoyable riding experience of today. An incredibly laid-back position assures that almost anybody can ride these bicycles. A Very upright riding style which looks very … Continue reading Dutch / Classic Bicycles

Cruiser / Beach Bicycles

Cruiser bicycles also called beach bicycles or boulevardiers, work best on flat terrain. They are comfortable bicycles with a classic look. Designed purely for relaxed laid back riding and looking cool. They were hit during 1930s through 1950s. Many cruiser bicycles are manufactured in a wide array of colors, to suit the fashion tastes of any bicycle lover.   Cruisers feature wide tires, which provide … Continue reading Cruiser / Beach Bicycles