CO2 Inflators

CO2 inflators are mini inflators/ pumps. Co2 inflators are the most space efficient and fastest form of emergency tire inflation. They use a small valve ending and inflate using disposable CO2 canisters. Compressed gas provides the potential to rapidly inflate a tire, literally in seconds, saving not just time but heaps of pumping effort.

Co2 Inflator 5-min
CO2 Inflators parts

They’re made of two parts, the inflator (nozzle) and the cartridge.

Co2 Inflator 3-min
  • Inflators are of two types, without flow control, and with flow control. In the case of flow control types, you can stop/start it once you pop the seal on the cartridge. But they cost a bit more. In case of without flow control, it’s one-time use. You either do it right first time, or you’re down and out a cartridge.
  • Cartridges come in different sizes 12g, 16g or 25g. The smaller ones are for filling tires up to about 90 PSI and larger ones up to 120+ PSI. Cartridges are of two types, threaded and non-threaded. Threaded one are simple and have a lower likelihood of not fitting properly.


  • Full tire pressure quickly in no time
  • Small, compact and lightweight


  • Canister in mostly one-time use

CO2 inflators are a cyclist’s best friend in case of emergency and a single use only. But they are small and lightweight, so carrying several is easy, either in a pocket or seat pack, so you needn’t worry about getting more than one flat on a ride. This should only be used in case of a flat out on the road or trail, though, as the cartridges are expensive and wasteful. They are not suitable for home or pre-ride use.

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