Bicycle Frame Bags

Frame bags 2-min

The idea of strapping bags to a bicycle is hardly a new invention. However, the technology and innovation behind these bags have been a topic to discuss in recent years. Frame bag fits in the front triangle of your bicycle frame. Frame bags connect to the seat, down and top tubes with Velcro that is attached to the frame bag itself. They give the appearance of a motorbike fuel tank. The frame bag can hold a number of things including, water, clothes, food and your cook set. Frame bags center the weight on your bicycle which gives you a more stable and reliable feel.

There are a few bag manufacturers that have incorporated water bottle cage mounts to their frame bags for a more fixed connection. Most frame bags come with at least one zipper to access the bag, and some bags have detachable Velcro dividers to create two separate compartments within the bag.

There are different types of frame bags. Some companies make standard or half sizes while others make custom frame bags to fit both hardtail and full suspension bicycles. While some frames bags for hard tails will hold everything required, it is not uncommon to see frame bags on full suspension rigs.

Custom frame bags are made to fit your specific bicycle, no matter the shape or size. A few unique features that you may see are special zipper placement, zipperless designs, and bags built around a water bottle or rear shock.

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