Saddles / Seat Covers

Bicycle riding can be quite strenuous especially in rough terrain. Riding a bicycle for an extended amount of time can cause some discomfort and chafing. To keep your backside from getting extra sore use, a saddles cover for extra padding. Although many new cyclists may think that saddles covers are unnecessary accessories, they offer extra padding to the saddle. They provide the necessary protection that bicycle saddles require for extended service and value.

Saddle Cover 3-min
Benefits of a bicycle saddle Cover
  • Protect Saddle: The bicycle saddle made up of costly leather material. Placing a saddle cover over it helps avoid sweat and friction from damaging the bicycle saddle, therefore increasing its life and value.
  • Enhance Comfort: saddle covers come with a thin layer of padding. This offers comfort, especially when riding over rough terrain or for extended periods.
  • Shock Absorption: saddle cover can offer an added means of shock absorption due to regular bumps and shocks from the road surface.
  • Aesthetics: an attractive design and color combination will enhance the look of the bicycle.
Saddle Cover 2-min

Most bicycle saddle covers are made from the following materials:

  • Spandex: this material is thin and offers minimal shock absorption, but they are very cheap. They are weatherproof and waterproof.
  • Memory Foam: this material adapts to the rider’s body with use and offers the best comfort. It is relatively costly to acquire.
  • Liquid Gel: this material offers an additional layer of comfort where you need it most. They are weatherproof and waterproof. It’s a handy accessory to offer a quick solution for that extra bit of padding while you’re riding. The gel is housed in anatomically-targeted zones relieving pressure and reducing weight, making you ride for longer without discomfort.
  • Sheep Skin: this material has antibacterial properties eliminating any odors from perspiration. The material can absorb the rider’s perspiration and protect the bicycle saddle from any damage. It is a too costly.

Although bicycle saddles come with the necessary padding, saddle covers can be used to boost riding comfort and enhance the rider’s enjoyment. Carefully consider your needs before choosing a saddle cover for the best value.

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