Frame Guards

Very frankly everyone loves their bicycle and would like to keep it clean and dent free as possible. The dents and dings can happen on mountain bicycles as well as city bicycles due to various reasons. Crashes, dents, and scratches are a given in mountain riding. Bicycles frames go through a lot of wear and tear not only while riding but also while parked.

Frame Gaurd 1

Whether you ride a steel, aluminum, titanium or carbon bicycle, adding several ounces of prevention can keep your frame and components from wearing out before their time. Guards fitted at different points on the frame to protect it and other parts from any damage or wear and tear from the movement of its own parts and external factors. Many materials are used to make these handy items, neoprene, clear or colored plastics and even carbon fiber.

Frame Gaurd 2

Rubber cable covers are a great line of defense and have the added benefit of quieting noisy cables. Carbon cranksets are light, stiff, cheap and color-coordinated protection for expensive carbon crank arms and can take a beating.

Frame Gaurd 4

These inexpensive, minimal and lightweight frame protectors will keep your ride looking its best for years to come. Think of them as the age-defying makeup for your bicycle.

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