Bicycle Rear Lights

The bicycle and riders should be clearly visible at nights and in bad weather. This is very important if you are biking on the road. The driver of any vehicle coming from behind should be able to spot the bicycle in bad light situations. Usually, red, rear lights are fitted on the rear of the bicycle for the purpose of warning and notifying the traffic about the bicycle’s presence.

Rear Lights 3

Depending on where and how you ride, your priorities regarding brightness, flashing modes and battery life will be different.

Rear Lights 1
Things to consider while buying
  • If you use your bicycle for local riding, buy simple flashers that use button cells or AAA batteries are cheap and effective these days, and they last ages before the battery need replacing.
  • If you use your bicycle on busier roads, or you do longer rides at night, buy something brighter. Many riders who spend a lot of time on the road after dark fit more than one rear light to increase their chances of being seen.
  • Normal rear lights are nice and bright if you’re standing directly behind them. But in city riding traffic may be approaching you from all directions, so it’s good for a light to have a wide angle of visibility.
  • Most rear lights will cope easily with the longest ride you’re likely to throw at them, though not all USB-rechargeable ones can be fully trusted to last a whole night, especially on steady beam.
  • Also, the final thing to think about is mounting. It’s always surprising, and incredibly frustrating that many lights fall because of a poorly-designed mount. What you’re looking for is a mount which provides a secure hold so the light won’t be bouncing down the road when you hit the pothole or road bump.

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