Bicycle Bells

The sound of a bicycle bell takes most people back to childhood when their bicycles were emblazoned with a small bell that provided a tinkling sound. Many bicycle bells still provide a dinging warning bell for cyclists to alert nearby pedestrians.

Bells 3-min

Bells are a key component of cyclist safety. Safety on the road, whether in a vehicle or on a bicycle is of the highest concern, and bicycle bells are among the most important items when it comes to bicycle safety equipment. These are used to alert other road users of your presence and approach.

Bicycle Bell Types

Bicycle bells have come a long way. Today there are many types of bicycle bells and horns to choose from based on design and mode of operation. You will find manual bells and horns as well as electric ones. Most now come in various designs and colors. You can make your pick depending on your preference.

  • Traditional Bicycle Bells: The traditional bells that produce the all so familiar “ring-ring” sound when called into action.
Bells 1
  • Modern Bicycle Bells: Electric bells come with a variety of ringing sounds and even songs if you wish. Modern versions of the bicycle bell now rely on a flick to bend the plastic lever which then springs back and strikes the bell when released to produce a simple ring sound.
Bells 2

Bicycle bells can help you avoid accidents by letting other pedestrians and road users know you are there. As cycling, witnesses, a rebirth in more and more cities around, in India the bicycle bell is also making a comeback as a necessary addition.

Always be vigilant while riding on streets filled with pedestrians to minimize the chances of getting into a cycling accident. Pedestrians usually don’t pay attention to other road users especially when it comes to cyclists. They typically listen out for cars but not bicycles. This is especially true in today’s world where most people have their faces glued to their smartphones, even on roads.

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