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Touted by all cycling industry experts as the ‘next big thing’, electric bicycles aim to take the strain out of cycling. They are great for commuters who need to arrive at work in a less sweaty state or if you’re not confident about your fitness. electric assist bicycles feature battery-powered motors to help make climbing hills and traveling long distances a little easier. You can adjust the amount of assistance you receive from the motor—built-in sensors monitor how much pressure you’re putting on the pedals and apply battery power accordingly.
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Electric bicycles can be used on the road without a helmet or license – they’re bicycles as far as the law is concerned. And most of them are designed to be comfortable and easy to live with thanks to flat bars, mudguards and luggage capacity. These bicycles are heavier than most bicycles, making them a little harder to ride when the motor is turned off. There’s a price premium over an equivalent regular bicycle for the battery, motor and control electronics. However, as the technology develops, both prices and weights are coming down.

  • Easy to ride
  • Comfortable
  • Recharging is required based on battery capacity
  • Heavier than a regular bicycle
  • Price is higher compared to regular bicycles

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