Dutch / Classic Bicycles

These fashionable, traditional bicycles are all the rage of the European continent. Their design has hardly changed for many decades. Current Dutch bicycles were modeled on early 20th Century English designs but have been considerably improved to provide a very enjoyable riding experience of today. An incredibly laid-back position assures that almost anybody can ride these bicycles. A Very upright riding style which looks very elegant & is better for back problems than other cycle types.

Dutch Bicycle Icon

They have load-carrying capabilities. Have built-in locking mechanisms. Most new Dutch & classic style bicycles now sport dynamo lighting systems. The chains are covered. They have twist gears. They come up with front baskets for carrying things around.

They are fully-enclosed drivetrains make them surprisingly practical around town. The weight, geometry and gear selection ensure that these bicycles are not well suited to the hills, however. The bicycles can be quite heavy though, so if carrying is a necessity you may need to look elsewhere.

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