Cruiser / Beach Bicycles


Cruiser bicycles also called beach bicycles or boulevardiers, work best on flat terrain. They are comfortable bicycles with a classic look. Designed purely for relaxed laid back riding and looking cool. They were hit during 1930s through 1950s. Many cruiser bicycles are manufactured in a wide array of colors, to suit the fashion tastes of any bicycle lover.


Cruisers feature wide tires, which provide smooth transitions between roads and bicycle paths. The seats are padded for a more comfortable riding experience. Handlebars are Curved and upright, which put the rider in upright straight position. They are heavy, cumbersome compared to other bicycle types. Some newer models use lightweight aluminum frames. The traditional cruiser has just one gear, but more modern cruisers come with three to seven gears. Some models have the old-fashioned coaster brake where rider pedal backward to stop the bicycle.

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